How To Turn Your Pajamas Into A Fashionable Outfit

Now that stars like Rihanna and Salma Hayek have been spotted looking stylish in their pajamas, there is no question that pajamas outside of the house is a fashion trend. And why shouldn’t it be? Pajamas are comfortable, lightweight and flattering.

If you can’t get your hands on Rihanna’s Pucci pajamas, there’s still hope. We have tips to help you make this trend your own and examples of how to do so with pieces from our collection.

To turn your sleepwear into street wear, just follow these three rules:

Rule #1 Wearing pajamas out of the house is not an excuse to look sloppy. Take a shower, do your hair and make-up and make sure your pajamas are clean and freshly ironed.

Rule #2 Pair your pajamas with non-sleepwear accessories like heels or sandals or a classic blazer or cardigan.

Rule #3 Be creative!

Here are a few examples using items from our own collection.

Pair these Navy Toile Classic Flannel Pajama Pants

with a navy blue sweater (like this one from

and blue flats (like these from Steve Madden)

Complete the outfit with accessories like a scarf or bracelets.

Roll up the legs of these pajamas to the length of a cropped pant.

Pair with a black tank top and denim shirt (like this one from Lands End)

And red wedge sandals (like these from TOMS).

How do you style your pajamas?

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