Pajamas On The Red Carpet

Of course, WE know that pajamas are not just for sleeping anymore.

It’s common to wear pajamas when lounging around the house and occasionally to run an errand or two. Kids are even wearing pajamas to school.

But, how about pajamas on the red carpet? That’s new, even to us.

Last week, fashion designer Rachel Roy (who counts fashion icons like First Lady Michelle Obama as clients) gave new meaning to the term “evening wear”. Roy showed up to the premier of the new film One Day in Bedhead striped pajamas.

To upgrade her pj’s for the red carpet, Roy rolled up the sleeves and paired them with heels, jewelry and a clutch handbag.

She told InStyle that the outfit was inspired by her daughter.

“I have an eleven-year-old and I like to show her that it’s OK to take fashion risks and to have fun and tell a story with fashion,” she told InStyle. “It was hard for me to find something to go with these shoes where I didn’t feel too dressed up and too done. So I thought, this is how I can wear these shoes by Mr. Blahnik!”

You can get Roy’s look with Bedhead’s White and Blue Pinstripe Pajama set. Available at in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large for $146. shows fashion designer Rachel Roy wearing Bedhead pajamas on the red carpet.

Rachel Roy's red carpet ensemble started with a pajama like this 100% fine Egyptian cotton blue and white pinstripe set from Bedhead. Available at in S, M, L or XL for $146.

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